In my private practice, I work with adults, college students and older adolescents. They come to counseling for a variety of reasons, stemming from relationships or particular situations that are having an adverse affect on their personal and/or professional lives.

The first sign of a genuine desire for change is the simple step of reaching out and contacting me for counseling. From this starting point, I work with my clients to help them bring about the transformation they seek.
The single most important aspect of this process is to develop a connection with my clients. This builds trust, empowering them to talk openly about their thoughts and emotions.

Together, we explore the “who, what, when, where, why” of the issue. In facilitating this exploration I assist clients in gaining a clearer understanding of what’s occurring mentally and emotionally as well as how they interact together.
Clients can then uncover the internal resources they have to approach the situation in a healthier way. The shift in perspective is what brings clients to see new possibilities and therefore effect positive change.


As in all counseling, the framework is to have a safe and supportive environment where couples can express their thoughts and emotions. Most will experience stressful situations that result in conflict that can generate unhealthy patterns of communication. Often, it is not the conflict itself that creates the damage but the repair work afterwards that does not get done. Over time, this breakdown erodes the couple’s ability to connect with each other.

Therefore, the lines of communication need to be opened in order for real dialogue to begin. Specifically, to talk about how they each perceive their interactions, how it affects them, and how it reverberates back onto the relationship.


This process allows couples to explore their narrative and see where there is a disconnect. To move forward, it is crucial that each partner actively participates in the process and is prepared to acknowledge his or her role in the relationship. Couples can then develop healthy patterns of communication that will help them make the decisions needed to create the change they desire.
In working with couples, my role is to facilitate exploration ofthe issue that brought them to counseling so that positive change can occur. By creating a neutral environment where each partner has a space to feel heard, I enable couples to freely discuss the relationship and the difficulty they are having.
In promoting open dialogue, couples can gain a better understanding of their dynamics and what happens both emotionally and mentally. Equipped with this new information, I support the couple in making different choices that will promote healthy interactions as well as making the decisions needed to move the relationship forward.