Counseling is a support in challenging times


Counseling is a professional relationship that helps clients navigate the challenges of life. It’s goal is for clients to gain insight about their situation that will allow them to effect positive change in their lives.


Working with individuals is about helping them explore the issue at hand, to gain insight and using that knowledge to effect positive change. Once gained, this knowledge is available to them and can benefit other areas of their lives as well.


Counseling offers a couple the opportunity to explore the ways in which how they communicate, their recurrent dynamics, and individual perceptions impact them as a couple.


I received my Masters in Counseling Psychology from Columbia University Teacher’s College in New York City and began my professional career at a community clinic in New York. From there I went on to work at Smithers, a substance abuse clinicin Roosevelt Hospital in New York City in their out-patient program. I was responsible for both individual and group counseling work with both high functioning and dual diagnosis patients.


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